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Dear Pet Owners,


Vet offices are still reporting a higher number of Canine coughing and sneezing in our area.  Although Sunny Oaks has not seen any new cases here at our facility, this wave of infections is still prevelant.  Sunny Oaks will continue to monitor the situation and keep our customers updated.

Original health alert:

Dear Pet Owners,


I am Chase Corley, Owner of Sunny Oaks Pet Resort.  This matter is concerning respiratory issues we have noticed with a few of our guests and a rise in infection rates in our local area.


I am concerned with the health and well-being of our guests.  The bordetella vaccine seems rather ineffective in stopping the spread of the virus or bacteria in the local area at this time.  I have been advised by local vets to recommend the canine influenza vaccine to our guests but it is not required at this time.  If you feel the canine influenza vaccine may be right for your pet, please speak to your regular veterinarian.


The problem of exposure is compounded when you run a playtime format where dogs play freely together.  Symptoms are not always immediate and detection is important but some exposure may have already occured.  Also, some pets may not exhibit any noticeable symptoms while being contagious.  If you notice your pet exhibiting any symptoms of illness prior to boarding

Sunny Oaks Pet Resort will not be able to board  your pet.  If your pet has had an illness within the last month please inform Sunny Oaks Pet Resort at check-in.


Follow this link for more information and tips. 


WebMD - Canine Cough



Sunny Oaks Pet Resort may decide to limit boarding so We have adequate means to isolate any cases of infection.  I strongly feel that having the ability to isolate affected pets and get them proper treatment is a top priority, while at the same time not having to expose other animals to possible infection.  All precautions will be taken and I will personally be in contact with local vets on how to address any and all health issues.


I hope our customers understand the steps we are taking in order to maintain a healthy facility for every pet who stays with us.  I personally love spending time and taking care of these animals and their well being is what I want to maintain.


Thank you so much for your time and if you have any questions at all please feel free to call Us.




Chase Corley

Owner - Sunny Oaks Pet Resort








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