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Sunny Oaks Pet Resort Policies and procedures.

The way we charge our guests:


  • Our pick-up & drop-off times are Mon - Sat: 8am - 12pm / 4pm - 6pm & Sunday only 4pm - 6pm.

  • Guests are charged the day of check-in regardless of time. Our check out time is 12:00 p.m. Each day after 12:00 p.m. is an additional day charge.

  • 14+ days of boarding, 10% off is applied. Bathing and grooming charges not included.


Sunny Oaks does not have an early check out time on Sundays. Pets staying until Sunday will be charged for Sunday.



All pets boarding with Sunny Oaks must have proof of all current Vaccinations.


  • Rabies (annual or 3 year)

  • Parvo/Distemper

  • Bordetella (kennel cough) 6 month or 1 year is acceptable


Vaccination against Canine Influenza is highly recommended but not required at this time.


  • Pet will not be allowed to board if no current shot record is on file at Sunny Oaks Pet Resort.

  • Sunny Oaks will not call your vet for information. 

  • Owner must make arrangements to have their pets records delivered to Sunny Oaks.

  • If your pet's vaccinations have expired since your last visit, You must bring updated vaccination records on your next visit.

  • Sunny Oaks is not responsible for reminding customers of outdated vaccine records.


Breed restrictions, intact pets and aggressive behavior


  • Due to Our playtime format, Sunny Oaks will not board any overly aggressive animal.  Any pet exhibiting overly aggressive behavior while boarding will be prohibited from group playtime during stay and may be prohibited from making future boarding reservations.

  • Sunny Oaks does not allow intact males and/or females to participate in group playtime.

  • Sunny Oaks does not allow female canines to board while in heat.


Administering Medications


  • If your pet does require medication, Owner must present at check-in.  Medication will only be given if approved by Owner or Owner’s vet.

  • All medication must be labeled along with proper dosage instructions.


If Owner consents to pet being involved in group playtimes, you understand that certain risks are taken:


  • Such risks include (but not limited to) altercations, sprains, soreness, etc.

  • Owners are solely responsible for their dog’s behavior.  If your pet attacks another animal/human unprovoked, Owner will be held responsible for subsequent vet/doctor bills.      

  • Sunny Oaks Pet Resort will do everything possible to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience during all playtime sessions.

  • If a situation warrants, a veterinarian/doctor visit may be required and the Owner/Owner's of the pet will be charged the full veterinarian/doctor visit amount at check out.

  • If a health concern arises and veterinarian care is needed, Owner/Owner's of the pet will be charged the full veterinarian visit amount at checkout.


Late Pickups & Drop offs 


  • Sunny Oaks discourages late and early drop off / pick up times.

  • If this situation arises, an after-hours fee of $25.00 will be applied to your final boarding bill.

  • If you are not able to pick up your pet on the desired date, the Owner must notify Sunny Oaks to extend your stay.  Not picking up pets on scheduled days may cause scheduling conflicts with other guest reservations.  If no notification is given prior to scheduled pick up time and date, Owner/Owner’s will forfeit all extended stay discounts for pet/pets.

  • We understand reservations may need to be extended but please contact Sunny Oaks Pet Resort about your pick-up date changes.




  • Reservations must be canceled 48 hours prior to scheduled check-in time to receive a refund of deposit less any transaction fees.

  • Peak seasons and holidays reservations must be canceled at least 1 week prior to check in date to receive a refund of your deposit less any transaction fees. 

  • Customers that are NO-SHOWS will be charged for their pet(s) entire intended stay.


Peak Time Reservations & Early pick-up


  • Reservations made during peak seasons and/or holidays may not be modified 1 week prior to check-in.

  • Reservations cannot be cut short once pet(s) are checked in.  Entire charge of original reservation will be applied to guests boarding bill even if pet(s) is checked out prior to original check-out time. 

  • Reservations during this time may be extended if room is available.


Peak seasons include summer months and all major U.S. holidays.


Kennel Tours


  • During normal business operations, Only Sunny Oaks Pet Resort employees are allowed in the outdoor boarding facility area.  Customers attempting to enter this area causes excitement with our guests and could lead to animal altercations.  

  • If you would like to tour Sunny Oaks, please make prior arrangements by phone to have a tour time set-up for you with Sunny Oaks staff.


Trespassing is prohibited


  • Resort hours of operation are clearly posted on the Sunny Oaks Pet Resort website.  Any person/persons entering Sunny Oaks Pet Resort Property during non business hours will be considered trespassing, regardless if front gate is opened or closed.

  • We take the safety of our guests seriously and trespassers may be prosecuted.


All customers must read and sign a boarding agreement prior to boarding their pet(s)

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